Experience the Best Music Festival in Leicester

Are you looking for an amazing music festival in Leicester? Look no further than the Glastonbudget Music Festival! This incredible event is a tribute to the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival and is held annually in the beautiful Victorian Gallery at the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery. The Glastonbudget Music Festival is a celebration of independent music and is perfect for music lovers of all ages. The festival takes place over a holiday weekend, from Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26, 2024. Throughout the week, more information about the programming will be released. The Glastonbudget Music Festival is not related to the Glastonbury Festival or Glastonbury Festivals Limited, but it is still an incredible event that you won't want to miss.

In addition to the Glastonbudget Music Festival, there are also other great music festivals in Leicester such as the Handmade Festival and the Riverside Festival. Both of these events are family-friendly and offer live music for everyone to enjoy. So if you're looking for an unforgettable music experience in Leicester, make sure to check out the Glastonbudget Music Festival. With its stunning setting and incredible lineup of independent musicians, it's sure to be an amazing event!.

Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper

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