Leicester Music Festivals: A Guide to After Parties and Events

Leicester is a vibrant city with a lively programme of festivals, ranging from cultural celebrations to comedy, music, and history. Once the festival ends each night, the city's venues will continue the party with live music events and craft beer trails. The second edition of Leicester's craft beer and music festival, Brew Beat, will feature an eclectic lineup of live music, including more than 30 artists and bands, when the three-day event returns to the city between September 2 and 4.Don't miss the celebration of independent music at the Handmade Festival or the Riverside Festival, a family-friendly summer festival with live music. In addition to an impressive line-up of music, the city center festival will feature an enormous variety of food and drinks, with more than 40 craft beers, a gin and cocktail tent, and street food stalls in Green Dragon Square.

Festival Republic has been promoting major music events in the UK for more than 30 years, such as Latitude, Reading and Leeds, Download and Wireless, Wilderness, The Great Escape and Lovebox festivals. If authorized by Leicester City Council, a new two-day music festival that could attract 76,000 people will be held in Victoria Park in Leicester. According to the Festival Republic website, managing director Melvin Benn has participated in the creation of some major events, such as the first four-day music festival in the United Kingdom - the Phoenix Festival - and The Fleadh - the first traveling music festival with annual editions in London, Waterford, New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. A new addition to this year's Brew Beat festival are the on-site food stalls organized by some of the city's most beloved restaurants and vendors.

The festival's soundtrack will feature a diverse line-up of artists with sounds ranging from funk, reggae, soul, rock and urban to electronic music. The Long Road is another great event held at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire. It is a festival of country, American and roots music that always brings renowned artists from both sides of the pond. Leicester is a great place to enjoy a variety of festivals throughout the year.

Whether you're looking for live music events or craft beer trails after a festival ends each night; there are plenty of options to choose from. So don't miss out on all that Leicester has to offer!.

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