Leicester Music Festival: A Guide for Parents with Young Children

The Leicester Museum & Art Gallery is a renowned venue for some of the world's best musicians, and it's a perfect setting for a music festival. Whether you're bringing your little ones or not, it's essential to be aware of the policies and regulations for children's tickets. TicketCity has compiled a comprehensive list of all the rules and regulations for some of the major festivals, so you know what to expect when you arrive at the venue. Generally, children under two years old don't need a ticket to attend, but they must sit on the lap of their parents or guardians.

All older children must have a ticket to enter. In the case of classical music concerts, kids will usually only be allowed after the piece of music has been performed in its entirety. Audience members can sit in seating areas of the auditorium, especially if the artists encourage them to do so. The Leicester International Music Festival (LIMF) is devoted to carrying out educational and outreach activities, both inside and outside the Festival. This includes commissioning new works, increasing diversity in terms of gender and ethnicity, and exploring new developments designed to reach new audiences - including encouraging families and young people to participate. If you're looking for an enjoyable and FREE activity for the whole family to enjoy this weekend, the Leicester Riverside Festival is worth a visit.

The Leicester Riverside Festival is a vibrant weekend of activities for everyone, taking place in Bede Park, Mile Straight, Western Boulevard and Castle Gardens.

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