Parking for Music Festival Attendees in Leicester

Are you planning to attend the Music Festival in Leicester? If so, you'll be glad to know that FREE parking is provided for Festival attendees in the Walnut National Parking Lot and on 12th Street. Located in the picturesque Western Gateway Park, the World Food & Music Festival presented by Veridian Credit Union can be accessed by car, bus, or bicycle. During the Music Festival, there will be parking for people with disabilities, both in public lots and in those where there are already designated parking signs for people with disabilities in the lots that can be called “For Artists Only”. If you're visiting Leicester this weekend to enjoy two days of live music in Victoria Park, take advantage of your visit to downtown DSM and Western Gateway Park for a day to explore the fantastic local restaurants, such as Bubba, Blu Thai & Sushi, Centro, Dough Crazy, Jimmy John's and Ritual Café, and retail stores in the area.

All other areas are signposted and there is no mention of the opposite in the festival's public parking section mentioned above. The 26th annual Carrboro Music Festival is scheduled to be held at venues across the downtown Carrboro area on Sunday, October 1.So if you're planning to attend the Music Festival in Leicester, you can rest assured that there is a designated parking area for attendees. Make sure to plan ahead and arrive early to get a spot!.

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